Chapter #16 - Baldr

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Chapter #16 - Baldr

Baldr is the son of the All-Father Odin and Frigg. He has many brothers, such as Thor and Váli. Baldr's wife is Nanna and their son is Forseti (who presides over Glitnir, where he reconciles differences between men). Baldr had the greatest ship ever built, named Hringhorni, and resides over the most beautiful realm in the whole of Asgard, Breidablik.

Baldr is described as the best of Gods and all praise him. He is beautiful and so bright and light radiates from him. He is also the wisest of the Æsir, and the fairest-spoken and most gracious. So clean is Baldr, that nothing unclean can enter Breidablik.

Baldr and Frigg have a prophetic dream of his death. Frigg makes every object on earth vow never to hurt Baldr. All objects make this vow, except mistletoe. When Loki, hears of this, he makes a magical spear from mistletoe and hurries to the place where the Gods were hurling objects at Baldr, testing his invincibility. Loki gives the spear to Baldr's brother, the blind god Höðr, who then inadvertently kills his brother with it.

After Baldr's death, Nanna dies of grief and is placed on Baldr’s side on Hringhorni as the two are set aflame and pushed out to sea. In Hel, Baldr and Nanna are united again. Hermóðr rides to Hel to request Baldr’s return and Nanna gives him gifts for various Goddesses. Hel promises to release Baldr if all objects alive and dead would weep for him. All did, except a giantess, Þökk (possibly Loki in disguise). Thus Baldr has to remain in Hel, until after Ragnarök, when he and his brother Höðr will be reconciled and rule the new earth together with Thor's sons.

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Robert Brittin

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