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November 29, 2018 1 min read

After many aeons, The Dagda and Brigid gathered the Children of Danu before them and gave them a commission to advise and direct the people of a land where the bright sun vanishes each evening. Nuada was appointed leader and the land they were to travel to was to be called Inisfail, the Island of Destiny.

Ogma, the most handsome of the Children of Danu, with long curly hair that shined like the Sun had the gift of writing, poetry and language. He developed a magical language which we know today as Ogham. He declared “If it is our destiny then we shall accept it.”

Brigid warned the Children of Danu of another people who will claim Inisfail and stand against them. They are the Children of Domnu. Domnu is the sister of Danu, but her total opposite, just as winter is to summer.

To prepare for battle, Nuada takes along the Four Great Treasures and the Children of Danu ascend into the mountains overlooking the Danuvius River and ascend in a great cloud which took them westward and led them to Inisfail. Three beautiful sisters who were married to the sons of Ogma, Banba, Fótla and Eire all had an ambition that one day Inisfail would be named after them.

When they arrive in Inisfail the Children of Danu meet up with descendants of the Nemed, former inhabitants of Ireland. The Nemed were nearly wiped out from attacks and fled to Greece, where they were enslaved and named the Fir Bolg. Eventually they escape and return to Inisfail in great fleets from Iberia where they now face a challenge for their land.

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