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November 29, 2018 1 min read

Following victory at the second battle of Mag Tuired the Fomorians (the Children of Domnu) retreated to undersea fortresses and finally accepted the right of the Children of Danu to rule Inisfail in peace and harmony. The Mórrígan, a triple Goddess (appearing as Badb, Macha and Nemain) associated with War and Fate, who often appears in the guise of a crow proclaims victory from the top of every mountain.

“Peace mounts to the heavens
The divine waters descend to Earth
And fructifies our lives
Earth lies under the heavens
We are of the Earth now
And everyone is strong…”

Whilst Danu delights in victory, her sister Domnu uses the Mórrígan in the guise of Badb to deliver a prophecy foretelling a time when her children will be driven into darkness and no one will recognise them as Gods and Goddesses.

That time arrived when the Children of Mil, the Milesians from Iberia, Northern Spain (known as Celtiberians) flooded Inisfail and the Children of Danu were driven underground into the hills, called Sidhe (pronounced Shee). In this mounds they dwell up to this day. The descendants of the Milesians called the Children of Danu the Aes Sidhe (the people of the hills). When the Old Religion was abandoned and the Cross replaced the Circle, they became known as the Fae (the fairy folk).

The greatest of the Gods, Lugh Lamhfada was still known, but not as the most skillful God, but as Lugh-chromain, denegrated to a fairy craftsman. As Domnu prophesied, the memory of the Children of Danu is all but forgotten. From Lugh-chromain we have the distorted name leprechaun.

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