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September 21, 2018 1 min read

Týr is the son of Jötunn Hymir and giantess Hroðr. Hymir owns a mile-wide cauldron, which Thor and Týr obtain from him for the Æsir to brew beer in.

Týr was known as Tiwaz to the Germanic people and the Romans (who interpreted other gods as forms of their own) refer to him as Mars, the ancient Roman war god. Existing Roman artefacts refer to him as Mars Thingsus (Mars of the Thing). This associates Týr with the Germanic Thing, a governing assembly of early Germanic society, made up of free people of the community presided over by law speakers. The modern English weekday name Tuesday means 'Tíw's day'.

After Loki insults Freyjr, Týr comes to her defense. Loki mocks Týr telling him that he cannot be the right hand of justice among the people referring to Týr’s right hand being torn off by Fenrir, who was subsequently bound by Týr. He reminds Loki that although he misses his hand, Loki misses his child, Fenrir, who will remain bound until the events of Ragnarök begin. Loki also claims that his son came from Týr’s wife, who is never mentioned by name.

High describes Týr as the bravest and most valiant, with great power over victory in battles and states that men of action should pray to him. A ty-valiant man surpasses other men and does not hesitate and a clever man is said to be ty-wise. At Ragnarok the most evil, fearsome, giant hound Garm battles Tyr to mutual death, making Tyr a valiant warrior to the end.

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