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Chapter #4 - Asgard and Valhalla

August 25, 2018 1 min read

Asgard is composed of 12 realms including Valhalla ruled by Odin, Thrudheim ruled by Thor and Breidablik ruled by Baldr.

King Gylfi (the first Scandinavian king), travels to Asgard and discovers the large halls of Valhalla. Within the halls he meets three Æsir Kings known as the High, Just-As-High and The Third. King Gylfi, in the guise of Gangleri, is allowed to question these Kings about the Asgard and the Æsir. A revelation of the ancient myths follows, but afterwards both the palace and the people disappear in a clap of thunder and Gylfi finds himself alone, having been deluded.

In Gylfi's delusion, ancient Asgard was ruled by the senior god, the all-father, Odin. He is the ruler of everything and the creator of heaven and earth. Odin and his two brothers then constructed Asgard as a home for the Æsir, who were divinities. In Asgard is a temple for the 12 gods, known as Gladsheim, and another for the 12 goddesses, known as Vingólf. The plain of Idavoll is the centre of Asgard.

The Æsir cross the rainbow bridge daily to hold court at the Well of Urd, beneath the ash tree, Yggdrasil, to debate the fates of men and gods. Valhalla, ruled by Odin, is the destination of those slain in battle. In Valhalla, they fight each other every day in friendly combat, but then later drink together in the big hall.

Ragnarök, the twilight of the gods, is a prophecy in which most of the Æsir will die and Asgard be destroyed.

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